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Babe Ruth Boston Red Sox
Babe Ruth Boston Red Sox
Ethereum Legends Never Die

MLB Champions

First Babe Ruth Ethereum MLB NFT

Babe Ruth’s first MLB NFT hit the Ethereum blockchain in early October of 2018. Lucid Sight, Major League Baseball, and the Babe Ruth Estate held Dutch style auctions to sell four different versions of the Great Bambino.

112 Total Babe Ruth NFTs are minted to the Ethereum blockchain. ranks Babe Ruth’s 112 NFT mints first in Player/Event market cap for MLB Champions. Cryptoslam Player/Event market cap ranks top NFT assets based on CSV (Cryptoslam Value)

According to, MLB Champions’ total market cap is close to $30,000,000 USD. The 112 Babe Ruth NFT population has a total CSV of $1.5 million USD and accounts for 5% of the total market cap of MLB Champions.

“The aggregated Cryptoslam Value (CSV) of all MLB Champions NFTs” (

Gorilla math ($1.5 mil. Babe Ruth Mkt. Cap /112 mints) pegs an approximate CSV of $13,000 USD for each Sultan of Swat NFT. There are differences in the population – every mint is not equal. The 13 Ultra Rares, the varying uniforms/stances, and each mint number difference injects uniqueness to the population.

The Red Sox Ruth features the Babe in a pitching stance. The New York versions feature bats. The Braves Bambino is one of the only NFTs in MLB Champions that does not feature a glove or bat.

Babe Ruth NFT Promo October 2018 ( Lucid Sight/MLB/Ruth Estate)

Like most events involved with the creators of the first MLB NFT, the 2018 Ruth drop was hectic. Extensive delays, lack of communication, and the inability to incorporate the historic NFT bonus structure into gameplay added significant doses of early adopter frustration to an otherwise neat NFT.

The Fourth Ranked MLB NFT Owner in MLB Champions is Game Developer Lucid Sight’s Ethereum Wallet – 72 Babe Ruth NFTs that Never Made it to Auction

The biggest story that was missed on first write of this article are the 72 Babe Ruth NFTs sitting in a Lucid Sight controlled wallet. According to the promo, the Babe Ruth Estate was to receive “three of each version” of Ruth. Here comes the math.

4 Ruth NFT versions * 3 = 12 NFTs to the Babe Ruth Estate

72 Lucid Sight controlled Ruth NFTS + 12 Ruth Estate NFTs = 84 NFTs

112 Total Ruth NFTs – 84 = 28 NFTs

2018 MLB Crypto Baseball Babe Ruth NFT auction advertisement (Lucid Sight/MLB)

There are only 28 Babe Ruth NFTs that made it to auction. If anyone wants to do some digging, the Lucid Sight wallet address is here ( and here (

Twitter: @firstMLBnft

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