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2018 Mookie Betts Gold Base + Iridescent Bat SN#917

MLB Champions

2018 MLB Licensed NFTs – Mookie Betts

Player: Mookie Betts

NFT Mint Date: 2018

Base: Gold

Bat: Iridescent

Stance: Stretch and Fire

Mookie Betts SN#917 is one of my favorite MLB NFTs because I love gold and I love iridescent bats. SN#917 possesses several rare attributes that are extremely difficult to find in one MLB NFT. In MLB Crypto baseball slang we call this figure a “Iridescent Gold”. As collectors, we are always hunting for “rare combos”. The low serial number makes this NFT even more desirable.

The 2018 MLB NFT gold base minted population totals 1,891 figures (thank you Of those 1,891 figures with a gold base, only nine come equipped with an iridescent bat. There is only one 2018 Iridescent Gold Mookie. I know the guy that owns him, and I would bet he never sells. If you want a 2018 iridescent gold MLB NFT , you have a better shot at the Edwin Encarnacion.

Edwin Encarnacion 2018 MLB NFT SN#63967

Mookie Betts SN#129798 is an example of a common base equipped with a “standard” glove and “groundball” stance. 106,760 MLB NFTs with a common base were minted in 2018. There are 761 common base Mookie Betts NFTs. There are 287/761 “Mookies” that come with a common base and standard glove. This Mookie is more rare than it looks.

Longtime fans of MLB Crypto Baseball/MLB Champions are able to decipher that the common Mookie came from a game reward due to the bottom of the base. This NFT was generated from a reward after the Boston Red Sox played the Los Angeles Dodgers sometime in 2018 (the date listed on the bottom of the NFT is not the game date but rather the date the figure was minted). The Gold Mookie NFT was not generated from a game reward. It was auctioned directly from the game developer Lucid Sight.

For more information regarding rarity and the first licensed NFTS by the MLB and MLBPA please visit the “Rarity” tab. Guides on all the different bases, gloves, bats, and stances can be found here.

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