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Inheritance Blog

Steve Yoshimura

Steve Yoshimura May 15, 2019 

In this blog, we will go in depth with the Inheritance system.

When playing an MLBC Figure on a Game Card, it will increase the chances of various attributes appearing on reward Figures.

For the 2019 season, each Figure will increase the chance of each attribute showing up on a reward Figure.

A Breakdown of how a reward Figure is generated:

The following system will occur when a Figure is being generated as a reward (Refer to the Gameplay Blog for more information on how rewards are offered). The Figure generation will go through a series of rolls to determine what attributes will appear on the new reward Figure.


For the first step, the system will determine which player to use for the new reward Figure. This is determined by the PRI value of the players. The higher the PRI value the lower the chance of appearing, whereas the lower the PRI value the higher the chance of appearing.

Once the player has been determined, the system will then roll to see which Stance will be generated for the new reward Figure. When determining the Stance, first it will check to see if the player is a pitcher. If the player is a Pitcher, they will automatically get a pitching stance. If the player is not a pitcher then it will do a roll to determine if it will generate a fielding stance or a batting stance. When the fielding or batting stance has been determined, it will then do a roll to see which position stance is generated.


The next step is to see which base is generated for the new reward figure.

The system will first do a roll for Epic quality Bases (Rose Gold for example). If the roll is successful, it will generate an Epic Base for that Figure. If the roll is not successful, it will do a roll for the next rarity base (Gold Base for example). It will continue to roll until a base is determined for this new reward Figure. Ultimately if all rolls for rarity bases fail, it will generate a Common base for the new reward figure.


Next, it will determine which Glove or Bat is used for the new reward Figure (Glove or Bat is determined by the stance of the Figure). The system will do a roll similar to the Base generation. It will start with the rarest Bat/Glove and roll to determine if it will generate that attribute. For example, the first roll will be Sapphire, then Ruby and so forth.


Finally, the Game Event is determined by an equal roll based on all Game events available.

So, where does Inheritance come into play?

Each of the above attributes has weighting values associated with them based on their Rarity. So a Sapphire Bat has a very low weight value making it extremely rare, while a Bronze Bat has a more moderate weight value.

Having specific attributes on the Game Card will increase its overall weighting value. For example, having a full card of Bronze Based Figures will greatly increase the weighting value for a Bronze base. So when the rolls for the Base moves down to the rarity of Bronze bases, it will have a much higher chance at appearing on the new reward Figure.

The more of an attribute you have on a game card, the higher the weighting value becomes when the new reward Figure is generated.

It is important to note that since the rolls for the different attributes start at the highest rarity attributes first, having a full game card of lower rarity attributes will not hurt your chances of getting a better rare attribute!

Inheritance and the Future

As the season progresses, MLBC Figures from previous seasons can bring their inheritance chances into the new season, but they will have some changes when they do.

Each season we are introducing new standard base styles. Previous year MLBC Figures will bring in inheritance bonuses but for the current years equivalent base styles.

So, a 2018 Gold Base MLBC Figure will boost the inheritance chance for the 2019 Gold Base.

Previous years bases are exclusive to that season and will never be generated again. This retains their limited and uniqueness as the season’s progress.

For limited items, like the Babe Ruth Figures, they will boost the inheritance bonus of a specific predetermined attribute. In the case of Babe Ruth Figures, a bonus to the inheritance of the Classic Wood Base style.

Limited Event Attributes, like Mother’s Day Gloves and Bats, can only be inherited if present on your game card. When the rarity check is made for Event Attributes and finds none on your card, the roll will be zero.
These attributes will stop inheriting at the end of the postseason and then restart when the corresponding Event occurs again the following year. Like the bases, these will not allow generation beyond their season’s release. This is to preserve the limited nature of these items. For example, Mother’s Day 2019 will boost the chance of earning a Mother’s Day 2020 Bat or Glove and this will only occur after Mother’s Day 2020 has been released.

As the season progresses we will be introducing new Limited Event Drops. More information will be announced about these as they become available.

Lastly, some Attributes may also be retired and will no longer have inheritance properties beyond the season they are introduced. For these items, the MLB Champions team will communicate these changes before the start of the new season.


Inheritance is the best way to expand your MLB Champions Figure collection with Figures that have your own perfect mix of attributes. Make sure to take inheritance into account when setting up your Game Cards or else you may miss out on an amazing new Figure!

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