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2019 Updates (November 9, 2018)

MLB Champions™: 2019 Updates

Jessica Cariaga

Jessica CariagaFollowNov 9, 2018 

Hi everyone!

First, we want to thank all who played, traded, and engaged with us on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter to make our first season such a success. We were amazed to see the range of users trying their hands at blockchain gaming and are excited to take what we’ve learned this year and make MLB Champions™ 2019 an even better, more intuitive, and more exciting experience.

We wanted to touch on some of the changes that you can look forward to for the 2019 season. Keep in mind that we’re still actively developing these updates, so you can expect some of these to change by the time Spring Training rolls around.

For now though, here’s a taste of what we’re looking to bring to the game next year.

Addition of Bench and Bullpen

We’re going to add a Bench and Bullpen to game cards. Game cards will be able to accommodate up to 21 total MLBC Figures: 9 Starting Players, 6 Bench Players (including a DH), and 6 Bullpen Pitchers.

Bench and Bullpen MLBC Figures will automatically cycle into the game if the live player is cycled into the live game, and will remain with the starting player if the user doesn’t have the substituted MLBC Figure. Don’t worry if you don’t have 21 MLBC Figures per game card. You’ll still be able to play with incomplete cards as usual, but you’ll earn points accordingly.

Example game card. Note that this is subject to change.

Game Card Points

Game Cards will accumulate Game Card Points (GCP) based on the games it has played. Earn GCP by completing team events, playing MLBC Figures whose real life counterparts are active in the live MLB game, and winning games. Game Cards will no longer reward players with new MLBC Figures of their specific team, and will instead reward GCP that can be used to claim a variety of MLBC Figure rewards. Different rewards will cost different amounts of GCP, and players can save their points for an increased chance at earning higher rarity MLBC Figures. This gives players more choices on what kind of reward they wish to claim.

We have a lot to work on with this one, so for now that’s all we can share.

Team Events

All team events from all MLBC Figures on a game card will be added to a Team Event Pool. Users can then strategically pick and choose up to 5 team events to be played from that pool. If any of the 5 selected team events occur in the live MLB game, the user earns Game Card Points. Common events like home runs and doubles will earn users fewer points than uncommon events like hits for the cycle or shutouts.

Combinations of completed team events will earn bonus points. For example, if a user puts home run, 9 strikeout game, 9 hit game double, and triple into play and any combination of those events happen in the MLB game, the user will earn a percentage bonus modifier on GCP earned. The bonus modifier will fluctuate based on event rarity, the odds of multiple of these events happening, and the number of these events completed. This will add another level of strategy to the game, requiring users to take a look at their team’s lineup to predict the best combination of team events for the best possible point total. Are you going to try and chain 5 common events together to earn a bonus modifier, or will you sprinkle in a more difficult event to snag the extra points?

Again, there’s a lot to work on with this one, so hold tight.

Example of Team Event Pool. Subject to change.

2018 MLBC Figures

2018 MLBC Figures will be playable on 2019 game cards.

Players that get traded between the 2018 and 2019 seasons will be playable only on the team that their MLBC Figure played for. For example, a Washington Nationals Bryce Harper MLBC Figure will be playable on Washington Nationals game cards and only Washington Nationals game cards in 2019, regardless of the team Bryce Harper moves to.

However, should you choose to play the MLBC Figure of a player no longer on the active roster of that team, you will not earn optimal player points. (We’ll touch on the breakdown of GCP in an upcoming post.)

Commemorative MLB trophies like the 2018 World Series Champions trophy and Babe Ruth Figures will earn players bonus GCP to the game cards they’re placed on.

These special trophies will also give users the chance at earning MLBC Figures with rare bases, like the wood base on Babe Ruth figures to the cobalt blue metal base on the Championship Series trophies. Both the wood base and the cobalt blue metal base will be introduced next year as rare attributes.

2019 Visual Updates

We’re also working on updating the MLBC Figures look for 2019. We’ll be tweaking and adding some new player stances, introducing Home and Away jerseys, creating a unique base for the 2019 MLBC Figures, and bringing more skin tones, hair styles, hair colors, and facial expressions to 2019 MLBC Figures.

Wrapping Up

This doesn’t cover the full extent of the overhaul we’re looking to make for next year, but for now we wanted to thank everyone for playing this season, and for their engagement across social media. We’ve read all of your comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions (kudos to our Community Managers for the hustle!) and our development team has done its best to incorporate that and what we’ve seen from the 2018 season to really make the 2019 experience an even better one.

This won’t be the last of our updates, so please keep an eye on our social media channels for more information on what we’ve got cooking.

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