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MLB Crypto Baseball Blog 1

Welcome to the Official MLB Crypto Baseball pre-sale. The time has finally arrived to get your first ever minted 2018 MLB Crypto figures! Pre-sale will start today, (Updated) August 13th at 9pm PST. Each MLB Crypto figure will represent a real MLB player but will have unique visual and game attributes such as stance, glove color, bat color, base type, and team events. The pre-sale will have three item classes, all available via reverse auction for a total of 15,001 items. That’s 500 for each of the 30 teams plus 1 special trophy. For anyone unfamiliar with a reverse auction here’s how it works: Items will start at a set ETH price and go down incrementally over time until the item is purchased or we reach the end of our sale date.


The first MLB Crypto Baseball item is literally in a class by itself — the one of a kind, multi-tiered 2018 Inaugural Gold MLB Crypto Baseball Trophy One featuring all 30 National and American League teams. There will never be another one of these figures minted — ever! This is 100% unique and the first ever minted MLB Crypto. This will start at 200 ETH.


The second class of items are premium team rosters of 9 MLB Crypto figures also placed on reverse auction in Gold, Silver, Bronze and Mixed. We’re offering 30 Gold Teams (1 for each MLB team), 60 Silver Teams (2 for each team), 90 Bronze Teams (3 for each team) and 90 Mixed Teams (each team with a mix of 9 Random players from various MLB teams). These will be starting between 25 ETH-100 ETH depending on attribute rarity.


You’ll need at least 1 MLB Crypto figure to play MLB Crypto Baseball so get these while supplies last! This third class of items are single randomized MLB Crypto figures players. These players will be released at a rate of 1 per hour per MLB team (5 MLB Cryptos every 10 minutes) so keep an eye out for favorite teams and players who could show up at any time. This distribution rate will maintain for the first 48 hours of the pre-sale. During this initial 48 hour period each MLB Cryptos put up for sale every hour will use a starting bid price equal to the average purchase price of the previous 10 sales plus 35%. Beyond the 48 hour window we will adjust the distribution rate and continue to release MLB Crypto figures until the total supply runs out. The starting price for our hourly drops will start at 0.07 ETH (~$20.00 USD).

In addition to the 15,001 playable MLB Cryptos offered for presale, there will be up to an additional 2,700 playable MLB Crypto Figures minted for the 2018 season. The distribution of the 2,700 will be as follows, 20 per team for Leaderboard Rewards (600), up to 1500 as Referral Bonuses (unearned Referral Bonuses will not be minted), 300 for social media / various promotions and 300 will be saved in our MLB Crypto Vault. Post our pre-sale and promotion the only way to get new MLB Cryptos will be to get them from other players via the marketplace or earn them as rewards while playing MLB Crypto Baseball.


This part of the blog will go in depth about gameplay strategy, and how to make the most from your MLB Cryptos. We’ll walk you through players, team events, and strategizing which games to play them in. MLB Cryptos can be played on a game card during live events. How well your team performs affects how you earn rewards at the end of the game. We will also go over the different reward types and how to earn them.

There are several ways for you to earn rewards while playing: having an active game card and having your team win the game, completing an in-game team event, and ranking on the leaderboard. We’ll cover what strategies can help you earn the most for each game.


Choosing your favorite team or a team you feel has a great chance at winning the world series is the first step to getting into the game. Each game card has 9 slots, which correspond to the different positions on the field.

After obtaining a set of MLB Cryptos, you can set them up on the game card. Every MLB Crypto has a team event associated with it. They range from common, rare, and legendary events. Having a team with a wide variety of different team events is key. The following is a list of every team event available:

You can only have a total of nine team events per game card. Since Team events do not stack, having multiple of the same team event on a card will not earn you extra rewards. Choosing the best nine for your team will help you maximize your chances at rewards. By following the live event and tracking using MLB Statcast, players can watch their team complete these team events.


Once you have collected the players you want for your team, it is time to create a game card. You can select the game card for the MLB team you want to play, and place your MLB Cryptos onto the right positions. There is no limit to the number of game cards you can play. You can play a game card for each of the 30 teams. You can even play multiple game cards for the same team if you want. Players have the best chance at rewards if they can fill a full card with nine players. Don’t worry if you don’t have the full nine, you can play with just one player. If your team wins the game, you’ll have a chance at earning a reward. The odds of earning a reward are determined by the number of players you have on your game card. It’s important to note that you cannot mix and match players from different teams. Each game card can only contain players from the same team.

The reward will typically be a new random MLB Crypto for your team. This can help you grow your roster of players to use on your game card. If your team completes a team event, then you earn an additional reward. This is where team events become an important part to playing the game. You can use these new MLB Cryptos on your game card, or you can start a new game card with the extras you have collected. You can also sell your extras to other players via the available MLB Crypto marketplace.

How do you choose which MLB Cryptos to play on a game card? Watching live games and doing your own research can give you deeper insight on various matchups and on which players seem to be doing best. This can help inform you on which MLB Crypto to play on your game card. Choosing the right team events to play and choosing the players in the starting lineup will greatly increase your chances of earning rewards and climbing the leaderboards. If you have a hot pitcher who has a great chance at throwing a no-hitter or a perfect game, then having a team event for no-hitter or perfect game would be a great choice to have on your game card. Updating your game card with MLB Cryptos of players that are playing in the live game will also earn you “bonus” points towards the leaderboards, although you don’t have to have the exact player from the live game to earn rewards.

What team events should you choose for your game card? A good strategy is to have a few common team events that you are confident the team can complete during a game. Each completed common team event will give you additional chances at earning a reward. Scouting out the players who have a high chance of completing a rare/legendary team event and making sure you have that on your game card will also up your chances at earning rewards. Rare and legendary team event rewards are all unique and only generate when completed. There is no other way these rewards are generated, so they’re worth a good amount of points towards the leaderboards.

How do you get the most out of your game card and your MLB Cryptos? Having a full card of nine players will earn you the highest chance at rewards. This alone may not help you towards climbing the leaderboards, but a full nine players will pretty much guarantee you a reward if your team wins. Next is playing the right team events. Completing common team events will earn you the chance at more rewards at the end of the game if your team wins. Completing a Rare or Legendary team event does not require your team to win to earn a reward. Finally, playing the correct players on the game card that is playing in the live game. This will earn you bonus points towards the leaderboard as every point they earn is doubled.

Each game card has a running total of points, and each event in the game has points associated with them. As the game progresses, the player will earn points. At the end of the day, the game card with the most points will be posted onto the leaderboard. The MLB Crypto with the most points will also be posted onto the leaderboard. The leaderboard is broken down into Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Overall points, and players who rank on the leaderboard can earn rewards. At the end of every week, month and at the end of the regular season, players who are ranked in the top 10 will each earn a reward. These rewards will be random MLB Cryptos of different rarities, and are awarded based on ranking on the leaderboard. The monthly reward will be of a higher rarity than the weekly rewards.

MLB Cryptos come in a variety of different rarities. Playing different rare MLB Cryptos can increase your chances of earning an even more rare MLB Crypto. of Legendary Crypto

Playing a full team of common MLB Cryptos on a game card can give you a chance at earning a higher rarity version. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Legendary can be awarded, but at a much lower percent. Each rarity level will increase the chances of earning more rare MLB Cryptos. For example, playing a full team of Silver MLB Cryptos will give you a higher chance at earning a Silver MLB Crypto. Filtering in different rarities onto your game card will boost the chances of earning a rare reward. Each specific MLB Crypto on your game card also increases the chance of being rewarded with a similar player at a greater rarity.

Players who have MLB Cryptos for the teams that make it into the postseason can continue to play with their teams. Players who do not have a team that is in the postseason can shop around the marketplace if they want to keep playing. Teams that do well in the postseason will earn special bases added to the bottom of their MLB Cryptos. For example, if your team wins the NLCS, they will be awarded a special NLCS Champions base to their MLC Crypto. Each series in the postseason will have a special bonus.

The reward system will be the same through the postseason, with the addition of postseason bases.

After the 2018 season comes to a close, we will award special attachments for all MLB Award winners. Any MLB Crypto that actively played during the season is eligible for these special attachments.

MLB Crypto Baseball has many chances of earning more MLB Cryptos to add to your collection or to sell on the marketplace. Each one has the potential to be upgraded and enhanced, adding a level of uniqueness to each one. Finding the right strategy on how to set up your teams can greatly increase your chances of earning these rewards. Good luck, have fun, and Play Ball!

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