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2018 NFT Stances

MLB NFT’s are separated by “fielding” stances and “batting” stances. Fielding stances are more common than batting stances. The NFTs were designed to generate at an 80/20 split in the MLB Crypto Baseball game (inheritance reward). Fielding stances are separated by “Outfielder”, “Infielder”, “Baseman”, “Catcher”, and “Pitcher”.

“Outfielder” NFT’s can be denoted by the grass base. “Infielder” is the same as shortstop (NFT can be identified by infield dirt). “Baseman” are NFTs of players that play 1st base, 2nd base, and 3rd base. The NFT can be identified by the infield dirt plus white base.

There are five different 2018 NFT “Batting” stances. Original “RNG” approximations state that batting stances are available for any position (including pitcher) at a chance of 20%. Designated Hitters are the only position always in a batting stance.

2019 NFT New Stances

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