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2018 MLB NFT Bats

MLB Champions

Ruby n’ Jade – The Rarest 2018 MLB NFT Bats

The 2018 minted population of the first MLB NFT is 155,431 total mints. The total number of 2018 Jade and Ruby bat NFTs can be counted on three hands. There are only eight total 2018 Jade bats and six minted 2018 Ruby bats.

Each 2018 Ruby and Jade NFT has the highest Cryptoslam Difficulty Rating (100) other than the Jade Aaron Hicks (99.74) and Manny Machado Ruby (99.41).

2018 Jade Bats Total Mints: 8

Jade Bat Mint % : (8/155,431) x 100 = 0.0051%

2018 Jade Bat Checklist

M. Canha33593Comm.100
R. Laureano57601Comm.100
T. Ward55083Comm.100
C. Gomez10009Comm.100
W. Harris74535Comm.100
E. Nunez89747Comm.100
A. Hicks82037Comm. 99.74

2018 Ruby Bats Total Mints: 6

Ruby Bat Mint % : (6/155,431) *100 = 0.0038%

2018 Ruby Bat Checklist

J. Gyorko63669Comm.100
M. Moreland90140Comm.100
J. Lyles112898Comm.100
A. Escobar8618Silver100
M. Machado110966Comm. 99.41
T. Kemp89165Comm.100

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