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Diamonds and Season Pass Intro (2019)

MLB Champions™- Getting Started with Diamonds and Packs

Lucid Sight, Inc.

Lucid Sight, Inc.FollowMar 28, 2019 ·  Unlisted

Now that you are ready to play MLB Champions™, we are going to walk you through the process of purchasing diamonds, our in-game currency, so you can get started collecting MLBC Figures for your 2019 Season!

The first thing you want to do is head on over to our Marketplace.

Buy Diamonds

On this screen you will see the Clubhouse, with the option to “Buy Diamonds”, “Buy Packs,” or “Specials,” (which includes a Season Pass). To get started, click on “Buy Diamonds”.

Click on Buy Diamonds

Here you will have the option to buy Diamond Bundles with USD (credit card) or Ethereum (cryptocurrency). Choose your currency using the drop down menu above the image.

Decide what Diamond Bundle best suits your needs and click on either the $ or ETH amount to open the payment screen for USD or MetaMask for ETH.

Enter your payment information and once the transaction is complete you will see “Your Balance” of Diamonds increase!

Payment Screen

Buy Packs

Now that you have your Diamonds, it’s time to Buy Packs. Click on “Buy Packs” in the Clubhouse.

Click on Buy Packs

Welcome to MLB Champions™ packs! Choose from a Single, Triple, Home Run, Grand Slam, or Champions Pack.

  • Single Pack: 1 2019 MLBC Figure + 100 Bonus Caps
  • Triple Pack: 3 2019 MLBC Figures + 325 Bonus Caps
  • Home Run Pack: 9 2019 MLBC Figures + 1050 Bonus Caps
  • Grand Slam Pack: 18 2019 MLBC Figures + 2250 Bonus Caps
  • Champions Pack: 45 2019 MLBC Figures + 5750 Bonus Caps

Each Pack will provide you with random assortment of MLB Champions Figures with various attributes. Click hereto check out all the amazing attributes that are available in the 2019 Season!


We are offering MLB Champions™ Starter Packs and for a limited time, a 2019 Season Pass!

Starter Pack:

  • 9 MLBC Figures included in a Starter Pack
  • Players will be random from any MLB team
  • Discounted Price of only 4050 Diamonds
  • Limit 1 Starter Pack per account

2019 Season Pass:

Click here to learn more about what amazing benefits the Season Pass has to offer!

If you’d like to purchase a Starter Pack or a 2019 Season Pass,head over to our Marketplace and click on “Specials!” as shown in the image below.

Click on Specials! to purchase a Starter Pack or a 2019 Season Pass

To purchase either a Starter Pack or a 2019 Season Pass, simply click the button under your respective choice, confirm the purchase, and Diamonds will automatically be deducted from your balance.

Congratulations! You are now all set to participate in our 2019 season of MLB Champions™!

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