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MLB Champions

Why They are Woke

32 Followers – Disrupted – Too Small to Fail?

Loss of Freedom Comes Gradually…Then Suddenly

The June 15, 2021 letter to Major League Baseball remains unanswered.  Do not let the sound of crickets discourage you.  This was expected.  We had to show the silence to see the ghost.  The Twitter banhammer?  The censors see us. They know we have more than sharpened hands of diamond.   

Remember when sport was sport?  The leagues kicked ass and were not slaves to “growing the game”.  We could escape the virus of divisive politics to cheer on greatness.  Agendas did not infect our fields and courts.  ESPN was good. Olbermann was sane. The country was obsessed.

Sports, Country, Unity..Whitney

The world chased the Dream Team like The Beatles.  No one was bending a knee or calling themselves the Cleveland Guardians – except the roller derby squad. 

Ya, Major League Baseball is the ultimate bully – a copycat league that bungled their two year head start in the NFT world.  We see you, no matter how many virtues you signal.


Long term contracts – they can kill you.  10 years + Beijing Enterprises Real Estate Group Limited (BEREGL)? Seems forever grand.  Remember Sherman, “baseball does not constitute interstate commerce”. 

America’s Pastime

Do you ever wonder why the leagues hate you? Should we ask Caledonia, Minnesota? I don’t think Seidler Equity would like that.  Just my ten cents.

Brought to you by…Pfizer

My gstatefaith is waning. You will not see me at Chase. D’Angelo for Wiggins – mRNA or Ivermectin? Not my body. Not my choice. Do you trust the race baiters and Pfizer, pharma pushers with your family’s life?

Where is the national safety briefing with data and analytics? Who is the “Vaccine” Billy Beane? Your sources are unreliable, Brian. Your suits and stars are not convincing. Don’t get distracted by the inoculation – it’s about the passport and indoctrination. What comes next?

I have read your writings. I have seen your plans. Sacrifice liberty for your all-inclusive trip to an equitable death? No thank you.  You are unsustainable.  Reimagine that.

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