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Justin Upton 2019 Metallic SN#214947

We are a small group of guys that love baseball, sports, crypto currency, Ethereum Dapps and Discord.  We met through the MLB Crypto Baseball Discord server in 2018 when Major League Baseball and Los Angeles based gaming developer Lucid Sight INC created the first ever MLB licensed NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. We are one small group of a much larger whole that makes up the MLB crypto community. has been created by people that have never met in “real life”.  We don’t know everyone’s real names – just their Discord handles.  We wanted a place to tell the story of the first ever NFTs licensed by a major United States sports league. 

Paul Goldschmidt 2018 Gold SN #34698 (front)

MLB Crypto Baseball spawned in 2018 as an Ethereum Blockchain based Dapp.  After its inaugural season, MLB Crypto Baseball 2019 morphed into a mobile app titled MLB Champions.  In 2020, without notifying the loyal MLB Champions community, the MLB and Lucid Sight stopped NFT minting, shut down their native marketplace, and discontinued their mobile app game.

No formal announcement has ever been made regarding the state of MLB Champions. The MLB and Lucid Sight went zero dark thirty and did not respond to any questions from the MLB Champions community. We took the ghosting as a sign that the project was finished.

Paul Goldschmidt 2018 Gold SN#34698 (back)

2018 – 2020 are important years in the chronological and historical timeline of NFTs. We feel that it is our duty to document our experience and not let this story be lost in the annals of Ethereum Blockchain history.

Some believe that NBA Top Shot is the first major sports licensed NFT. As much as we love and collect NBA Top Shot – that just isn’t true. MLB Crypto Baseball was the first and always will be. Cryptokitties, *Mycryptoheroes, and MLB Crypto Baseball were some of the NFT Ethereum Dapps vying for supremacy in the early wild west pioneering days of NFTs and the Ethereum Blockchain. will document the groundbreaking history of U.S professional sports’ merge with the Ethereum blockchain.  Although Major League Baseball and Lucid Sight INC have abandoned this project, the NFTs still live on through MLB Champion community members. 

Aaron Judge Classic Wood 2019 SN#201594 will chronicle our experience as the first MLB NFT collectors to ever wander the earth. We love our collections and want to show them to the world. We also want to show the beauty of blockchain technology.

When a huge corporate entity like the MLB abandons its customers and loyalists on the Ethereum Blockchain – we come together. We will pick up the pieces and get these beautiful, rare, and never to be produced again MLB Crypto Champs into the hands of future collectors and NFT historians.

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