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2018 Post Season/Attachments

Postseason and Rewards Update

Steve Yoshimura

Steve YoshimuraFollowSep 28, 2018 ·  Unlisted

As the 2018 regular season comes to a close on September 30th, the Postseason will begin on Oct. 2nd. The first game played will be the National League Wild Card game.

Players will still be able to make new game cards if they have MLB Cryptos for teams playing in the postseason games. If players already have active game cards for these teams from the regular season, then they are good to go. Players can still make adjustments to their game cards before each game begins, just like the regular season.

Gameplay in the postseason will stay the same as the regular season, but there are updates to the rewards system that differ from the regular season. Only game cards for the teams that are in the postseason are eligible to play.

Each postseason series will have unique attachments awarded to the winning team. These are only awarded to the MLB Cryptos that are on a game card of the winning team, for the duration of the series (Example: In a best-of-5 series that goes to game 5, the MLB Crypto must have been active on a game card for all 5 games.) *Rare and Legendary reward trophies do not receive attachments, only MLB Crypto players are eligible for attachments. These attachments will be processed onto the MLB Crypto models & blockchain entries by the start of the 2019 season.

The following is the list of when each of the postseason series begins.

  • National League Wild Card Series (One game series)— Oct 2nd
  • American League Wild Card Series (One game series)— Oct 3rd
  • National League Division Series (Best-of-5)— Oct. 4th
  • American League Division Series (Best-of-5) — Oct. 5th
  • National League Championship Series (Best-of-7) — Oct. 12th
  • American League Championship Series (Best-of-7) — Oct. 13th
  • World Series (Best-of-7)— Oct. 23rd

(*All dates above are subject to change.)

As the postseason continues MLB Crypto players will end up with multiple attachments. The attachments will stack on top of each other under the base of the MLB Cryptos. Newer attachments will stack on the bottom of the previous attachments.

The Reward System will be updated for the postseason. As the inaugural season of MLB Crypto Baseball comes to a close, we will make a change to the rewards numbers. The numbers for the first regular season were adjusted to benefit all of the early adopters to MLB Crypto Baseball. The response and growth has been amazing and we thank all of you who joined us in the first season of the game. The following are the adjusted numbers.

Updated generation numbers for postseason.*

These numbers will go into effect Oct 1st. There is no change to having a full game card or 8 players. But the the chance of generating a reward for fewer players on the game card goes to individual percents, as opposed to the previous version where groups of players on a game card shared the same generation percentage.

(*Gameplay and rewards rules subject to change.)

Other things to come during the postseason…

We will create special Postseason MLB Cryptos that feature teams and players who won the Division Series, Championship Series, and World Series. These will be limited premium MLB Cryptos.


We’re excited to announce Babe Ruth Historical MLB Cryptos. We will share more information on this soon.

Enjoy and follow the intense games the MLB postseason brings with your game cards ready!

After the postseason concludes, we will continue combing through all of the data from the game, community feedback, and suggestions from fans and continue to adjust and refine the game to be even better for the 2019 season!

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