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Babe Ruth Blog 2018 (Lucid Sight)

Babe Ruth Comes to MLB Champions™!

Daniel Le

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Oct 17, 2018 ·

Babe Ruth has come to the Marketplace of MLB Champions™ and he’s selling fast. These are the FIRST EVER Limited Edition 2018 Babe Ruth MLBC Figures and are limited in quantity. If you want to own a legend, you better act quick!

Current Sales

Current sales will be uploaded here for visibility. Don’t forget, once these First Ever Limited Edition 2018 Babe Ruth MLBC Figures sell out, you won’t have another chance.

Currently, 5 Figures have sold:
1 Yankees Ultra Rare
2 Yankees Rare
1 Braves Rare
1 Red Sox Rare
Remaining numbers left for each version:
4 Yankees Ultra Rare
13 Yankees Rare
14 Braves Rare
14 Red Sox Rare

Here are some tweets of our sales!

Here’s what the Babe Ruth figure looks like!

Check out these 3D renders!

Details of the Babe Ruth Sale

To highlight the info-graphic above, Babe Ruth comes in 4 different types: Ultra Rare, Yankees Rare, Boston Braves Rare, and Red Sox Rare. As part of the first ever Babe Ruth Crypto Figure sale, 3 of each type will be given to the Babe Ruth Estate. Sales run via Dutch Auction, meaning they start at a listing price, then gradually decrease until it hits 0 or is sold at the price at the time of sale. As these limited edition figures sale, the next version will go on sale at double the 1st listing price within 48 hours.


Limited Edition 2018 Babe Ruth Figures are playable. Players who own this figure will be able to place it on their game cards. The figures are part of the 2018 inagural season and have bonuses that apply to 2019 gameplay!

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