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First MLB NFT Lucid Sight
First MLB NFT Lucid Sight
The First MLB NFT - The Pioneers

MLB Champions

First Licensed MLB NFT “Has Ended” – after Ending – The Pioneers was created this past month by Discord users from the MLB Champions community. The “About Us” section explains our motivation for making this website.

This site features data and articles documenting the history of the first officially licensed MLB NFT. We also discuss game developer Lucid Sight as well as Major League Baseball abandoning the project without notice and with many NFTs in limbo. NFT holders of MLB Champions have been inquiring about the state of MLBC and its future plans since 2019.

This past Mother’s Day weekend, Lucid Sight posted a brief statement on their website

Mark Mother’s Day weekend 2021 as the official end of MLB Champions. It does not matter that the project has been abandoned for almost two years- Lucid Sight finally notified the people. We appreciate the Lucid Pioneers’ public acknowledgement, but the final 2020 “season” never happened. 2020 was advertised and promoted, but the result was 411 minted NFTS with no player art/images created for them.

2020 mints, no player images (

The Pioneers took down their marketplace in early 2020 and disappeared to their other Discord channel (Crypto Space Commander). Lets not quibble semantics. What happens now?

There are several remaining issues that early adopters/current MLB NFT holders are going to have to navigate. Get your Ethereum gas payments ready. First, The NFTs that are sitting on the old Lucid Sight/MLBC marketplace are not accessible unless you learn how to navigate the Etherscan Contract here.

From the FAQ on

To get access back to the NFTs that were already paid for and minted to the Ethereum blockchain, token holders are going to have to work that Etherscan contract and pay the gas. Early adopters made the mistake of listing the NFTs on the Lucid Sight/MLB marketplace. NFTs stuck on the defunct MLBC marketplace cannot be gifted, transferred or sold on any other marketplace like or

The second question is the 3D viewer and overall state of images. NFT tracking sites like Opensea and Cryptoslam have captured metadata for many of the MLBC NFTs, but some NFTs slipped through the cracks and do not have a viewable image. This has been written about in the Dodger crypto giveaway article. The Lucid Sight website does not mention anything about this issue.

from FAQ

We have updated the Dodger article to include the above photo. The Dodger Crypto tokens have been a mystery. Now, we have acknowledgement from the Pioneers regarding this issue. The link to the Etherscan contract from the photo is here.


The biggest takeaway from the statement above relates to the unminted population. Some holders are sitting on thousands of 2019 MLB NFT unminted tokens. There was some hope that MLBC owners would be able to mint these NFTs some day. That does not seem to be the case. will continue to document the history of the first ever MLB NFT. We now officially know that there will never be another mint. The minted population of these MLB NFTs are crystallized, but the story of this saga is just beginning.

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