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MLBC/LS Leader Board Blog (11/18/2018)

MLB Crypto Baseball Leaderboard Breakdown

Steve Yoshimura

Steve YoshimuraFollowAug 17, 2018 ·  Unlisted

Leaderboard and Point System

Today we will review how the leaderboard system works in MLB Crypto Baseball. More specifically, we’ll review how to gain points towards ranking on the leaderboard, and how and what rewards are distributed. The leaderboard system is a fun bonus in addition to collecting your favorite MLB players, teams and earning rewards by playing the game.

So how do you earn points? First, you must have an active game card for the team or teams you wish to play. Once you have set up your game card(s) they will automatically begin to track the live game stats. All game cards must be set up and locked in before the live MLB game begins, otherwise that game card will not be valid and will become valid for the next live MLB game. You do not have to follow along during the live game for your active game card to begin to earn points. After the game has completed, all of the points earned on the game card will be tallied and recorded to the game card.

Leaderboard Points Breakdown

Having an active game card with at least 1 MLB Crypto will earn you points. 1 MLB Crypto on your game card will earn you 30 points. Each additional MLB Crypto on your game card will earn you +10 points each. You can earn a total of 110 Points for a full game card of 9 players.

Point breakdown for MLB Cryptos on a game card

Wins and loses will also gain you points. 50 points for a win, and 10 points for a loss.

Point breakdown for MLB team win or loss

Completing a team event will allow you to earn additional points. 20 points for a common team event, 250 points for a rare team event, and 1000 points for a legendary team event. Team events are only counted once per completion. You will not earn additional points for completing the same team event. (These points only pertain to the completion of team events.)

Point breakdown for Team Event completion

Each rarity of MLB Cryptos on the game card earns you bonus points. 5 points per Bronze, 10 points per Silver, 15 points per gold, and 20 points per legendary. If a player plays a special trophy on the field, they will earn 10 points per trophy. An example of a special trophy is 2018 MLB Trophy One, or any trophy tagged with the Anywhere position.

Point breakdown for MLB Crypto Rarity on a game card

Various actions that happen during the game will earn points as well. Using MLB Statcast we can track actions per player on the team. The live player will earn you points for the position they play. If you are playing the same MLB Crypto as the live player, you will earn double the points.

Example: You are playing Chris Taylor from the Dodgers on your game card at the shortstop position, but during the live game Manny Machado is playing shortstop, you will earn all points that the shortstop position earns during the game. If you are playing Manny Machado on your game card, and Manny Machado is playing during the live game, you will earn all the points that the shortstop (Manny Machado) earns during the game and a double point bonus.

There is no cap to these points during the game, every hit, home run, double, etc. will be added to the point total. Example: If there are 15 hits that happened during the game, you will earn 75 points.

Point breakdown for actions during a live MLB game

*Note: Additional actions may be added before game launch. If more actions are added to the list we will update accordingly.

**Note: Point values may be adjusted before game launch.

Team Leaderboard

The team leaderboard will display all the top game cards being played. At the end of a game, all players points on the active game card will be totaled. A running count of all points will be recorded to the game card.

Players can update their game card with different players as the season goes on, and all points for that game card will continue to accumulate throughout the season. As long as there is at least one MLB Crypto on the game card, it will continue to accumulate points. Removing all MLB Cryptos on a game card will render it inactive, and it will stop accumulating points. Game cards will not lose any previously earned points.

Individual MLB Crypto Leaderboard

The individual leaderboard will display all of the top individual MLB Cryptos being played on active game cards. If an MLB Crypto is removed from a game card, it will stop earning points. Adding the MLB Crypto back onto a game card will allow it to continue earning points. MLB Cryptos will not lose any previously earned points.

Rewards Distribution

How are the rewards distributed and how often? For the remainder of the 2018 season, leaderboard rewards will be distributed every week and end of the month. (Sunday is the end of a week, and Monday will be the start of the next week.) The weekly rewards will distribute more common than rare rewards, where the monthly rewards will increase the rarity of rewards. The weekly leaderboard is currently only available for the remainder of the 2018 season.

Example of weekly rewards distribution

#1 : Gold

#2 : Silver

#3 : Bronze

#4–10 : Common Reward

Example of monthly rewards distribution

#1–3 : Gold

#4–6 : Silver

#7–10 : Bronze

Rewards will be generated for the MLB team of the leaderboard game card. (A Dodger game card will earn a Dodger MLB Crypto) The reward will be a random player from the active roster.

The reward distribution for the Individual Leaderboard will be the same as the Team Leaderboard. A reward will be generated for the same team as the individual MLB Crypto.

The following is an example of one of the leaderboards.

*this is just an example image and is subject to change

The above example is the leaderboard for individual MLB Crypto Figures.

The leaderboards will display the top 3 at the top with the following 7 listed below. If you are not ranked in the top 10, you can see where you rank at the bottom of the leaderboard.

The leaderboard is simply another fun way to earn more MLB Cryptos throughout the season. The leaderboard system will be completed at the end of the regular season, and soon after the regular season, leaderboard rewards will be distributed to the qualifying players.

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